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Publishing Dad's Poems Was Therapy

Jane and Elliot Hallowell

Losing my Dad, Eliot Hallowell, nine months ago after he had lived with me for 15 years was devastating.

I felt great sadness and trauma and miss him so much. The most therapeutic thing I could have ever done after his death was to publish his second book of poems, Haw Haw, Grandpaw - Gleanings from the Old Geezer.

It’s a book of 60 poems on ageing, written during the last years of his life.

Despite the fact that the ageing process is anything but funny, my Dad managed to see the brighter side of getting older. This is an entertaining, helpful read for Seniors, for people taking care of Seniors, and for young folk who don't realize that they will eventually become Seniors themselves one day.

Proceeds from book sales will go to support elderly people with financial and health challenges who are alone and have no family to take care of them.

 My Dad’s life

 Eliot Hallowell (1923-2018) was born in Minneapolis, MN, and educated at Middlesex School in MA, in the United States. He attended Harvard University after 2 1/2 years as a Seabee in the Pacific Theatre during WWII. After a checkered past involving three marriages, job-hopping, alcoholism, OCD, and depression, in his 70s, he considered suicide.

Thankfully, he committed himself into a locked psychiatric ward, got help, stopped drinking, and attempted to create a productive future.

Eliot spent his retirement writing poetry to cope with the challenges he had experienced during his life.

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Guest Blogger Jane Hallowell is a retired yoga instructor and an active Grandmother, poet, writer, knitter, photographer and animal lover.